The Goodness of Life 

Recently I made a very deliberate effort to limit my time on facebook. Even though I thought I had already done a lot to filter my newsfeed, I was finding myself feeling disheartened, anxious, sad, or discouraged much of the time after being on it. I also knew that it was taking up portions of time that I could be using in much healthier ways. 

At first, it was difficult.  I was used to filling free time, waiting time, and times of boredom with scrolling. But, each day got easier and easier. I found a peacefulness and even joy return.  I spent that time focusing on affirmations and positive thoughts.  I spent that time going for a walk or reading. I spent that time praying or journaling. I found myself remembering and focusing on all the good in my life that is already there.  It felt so good.

Now, I am experimenting with spending a little more time there,  because there are also things I missed about facebook.  I really enjoy feeling connected to people.   I miss positive and inspirational posts. But, I don’t want to allow it to take up so much of my time again. So, I will keep checking in with myself about this. 

All I know is that at this stage of my life, I choose to do more of what brings me joy and less of what sucks the joy out of life.


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