Archive | December 2015

Wake Up Call


Sometimes, I am amazed at how dense I can be.  I have struggled with that all my life, and apparently the struggle is not going away any time soon.

I think we all understand the concept that our priorities should match our values. Yet, how many times in my life do I need a  slap in the face to recognize that is not what I am living out? Apparently at least one more time.

The most important lessons in life seem to often be the most painful.  I am fine with the fact that I often cause my own suffering when I make bad choices. But when I hurt someone else, there is just no excuse for that.

I am learning.  Painfully, I am growing.  I need to make changes in my life to make sure my priorities match my values. I also need to be more self aware, so I don’t disconnect from what’s happening around me, just because I am feeling overwhelmed.  I need to make a commitment to myself to stay tuned into my loved ones, no matter what is happening for me.

Knowing what I need to do and making the commitment to do it are my priorities.