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All Good Things

It has certainly taken a long time for me to realize and embrace this truth. 

But, I do believe it. It has been a long, hard road in many ways to get here. And, my journey continues. As I grow and embrace these truths, much good has come my way. My path gets smoother, straighter, and wider with each blessing I see and celebrate in my life. The people, the experiences, the lessons, the opportunities. …they all keep me moving forward on a path for my highest good. 

I am excited to see what my path will lead me to next!


Free to Be Me


I  have been on an interesting journey of self acceptance and self compassion.  It has been, at the same time, the most freeing and empowering journey,  while also being terrifying and challenging.

I am learning a lot about my true nature and who I am at my core. Instead of the constant judgements and recriminations I used to berate myself with, I am working on embracing who I am and learning to work with that.

I am learning that I function best when I take things slowly and take the time to plan and think through what I need to do. I used to judge myself so harshly for that. It seems to me that we live in a society that values the ambitious, decisive go-getters.  I value having people like that in my life too. We need them.

But, we also need the thinkers and planners. We need the ones who are behind the scenes considering every angle and taking action at a pace that works for them. People like me. We need to value those people too. I  need to value those people too. I need to value me.

My ex-husband often criticized this about me. He told me often that he needed me to be more decisive and action oriented. I  accepted his perspective that I was flawed in this way. I tried very hard for over twenty years to change my nature. I kept trying. I would get so frustrated with myself that I couldn’t make myself be different.  I struggled with anxiety and a constant sense of dislike towards myself.  I  developed patterns of self talk that were mean and even cruel towards myself.

In reality, when I work with my true nature…when I give myself time to think, consider, plan…. I  make good decisions and I accomplish a lot. Decisions that need to be made are made and I feel at peace with them. Actions that need to be taken are taken, within time frames that feel comfortable to me. There is no anxiety and no mean self talk. There is peace.

I have this week off from work. I had such ambitious plans for what I wanted to get done. But, instead I have been doing a lot of relaxing, thinking, journaling, reading, and planning. I found myself starting some mean self talk again. I am so glad I caught myself doing that. I don’t need to answer to anyone about how I spend my time. I am not going to be disapproved of any more. I am not going to be criticized any more. Unless I do it to myself! I  deserve better. I  deserve to love myself for who I am and value my true nature.

It has slowly dawned on me that what I need more than anything right now is exactly what I have been doing. It is not lazy to give my body,  mind, and spirit time to rest, reflect, and just be. It is healthy.

If I am true to that, the things I want to accomplish will get done ….at a time and pace that feels good to me. That will be much healthier and much more fulfilling for me.

Ahhhh….that  feels so much better. I am going to make some tea and go back to my book now. ūüôā

The Beauty


Enough dwelling on the past.

The life I have now is far from perfect, but I choose to see beauty in it.

I have a connection with each of my kids as young adults, and I think I am pretty tuned in to them and what is happening for them in their lives. We have deep and meaningful conversations, and they come to me when they need to sort things out. To me, that is far more valuable than anything I can offer them financially or materially. That is beautiful.

I love my job. I feel fulfilled and I feel like I am living my purpose on this earth every day.  I am so grateful to have the opportunity to do the work that I do. That is beautiful.

I have a supportive family who loves me. I know we are not always on the same page about some things, and although that is hard for me, there is so much love and support.  That is beautiful.

I have amazing friends who have stood by me and who challenge me to learn new things all the time. They bring laughter, joy, fun, and love into my life.  That is beautiful.

I have a man in my life who is trustworthy, affectionate, attentive, and loving. He has taught me many things, and helped me to open up my wounded heart again.  No matter what the future holds, that is a beautiful.

I live in a place that has beauty so near, and the opportunities to appreciate that beauty often.  Nature and sunshine nurture my soul.  That is a beautiful.

I have a roof over my head, a car to drive, and food in my fridge. That is a beautiful.

Today, I focus on the beauty.

I am grateful.

The Wishing…


I was doing some tidying today and found my journal from last year. I am going to share my entry from November 8, 2014:

You know what is exhausting?

It is the wishing.

The wishing that none of the last five years had happened.

But, they did.

The husband I loved, the man I gave all of myself to in every way, betrayed me in every way.

My world was shattered.

Nothing would ever be the same again.

My children’s innocence, their belief in the stability and security of our family, was stolen.

They have struggled ever since.

I have struggled ever since.

And he has struggled ever since.

Yet, it can not be put back together again.

All the King’s horses and all the King’s men…

Forever broken.


And the pain…

It is still there, for all of us.

Yes, I have mostly healed.

Yes, I have moved on.

I have found a wonderful and amazing man who truly loves me in ways I have never experienced before… not ever.

The kids have accepted it.

Yet… there is still pain.

I imagine there always will be.

This is not the way it was supposed to be.

The dreams of a young woman… for life long love and an intact family… children raised with never wavering security…

All gone.

And so…

The wishing.

I NEED to stop the wishing.

The wishing hurts so much.

It keeps me back, keeps me pushed down, locked in a prison of pain.

No more wishing.

What is done, is done.

What happened, happened.

It is what it is.

I have learned, grown, and, in some ways even blossomed.

The kids will be okay, eventually.

They have struggled, but they will never be naive and sheltered. They are not judgmental.

Life can be beautiful on the other side of pain.

Family is still family.

Newly formed, pulled together…

It can be good.

No more wishing.






Giving again.

New and different.

Life with Hope.

We are not Meant to Stay Wounded


I love this.

I think we are conditioned by the society we live in to avoid pain. So, we engage in all kinds of unhealthy behaviors to run away from or escape emotional pain.

But, ironically, when we do end up experiencing a crisis or a tragedy, we can get stuck in our woundedness. It becomes a new comfort zone. Sometimes it becomes our story. We might have a victim story, and it soothes our ego to get some compassion from others. Sometimes our wounds become a convenient shield to prevent anyone from getting too close. We don’t have to be too vulnerable or take too many risks if we are stuck in our victim story.

That’s part of the reason I took some time to start this blog. I didn’t want it to be a victim story. I¬† didn’t want it to contribute to keeping me stuck in any way. I wanted to be sure my intentions were in a healthy place in terms of my purpose.

I want to share a story of healing, of overcoming,  of victory.  I hope that is what I accomplish.

It definitely has been true for me that choosing to move through the pain, to face and deal with it, has brought amazing gifts into my life. It has created an ability to connect to other’s hearts and increase my capacity for compassion.¬† It has taught me life lessons and wisdom that has enriched my life and enabled me to share with others.

I am so grateful for these gifts.

It’s Up To Me


So, my life hasn’t turned out the way I hoped or expected it to. I grieved that for awhile.  Sometimes I still do.

But, I realized it was up to me to create a different life for myself that could still be good. I  took stock of my circumstances, and decided it was time to clean some things up.  I knew I had work to do on myself and work to do in terms of some practical problem solving.

I attended regular counselling for the first few years after my marriage ended. This helped me look at myself and take responsibility for my part. It also helped me to NOT  take responsibility for his part, which I had been prone to do.  I set some personal goals for self improvement and worked hard at making some changes.

I have been learning to identify,  value, and ask for what I need. This is still very hard for me at times, but I have improved in this area. I worked on some perspective shifts about my worth and allowing myself to be vulnerable and shine. I have worked on being more assertive and setting boundaries.  I have identified some codependent traits and am working on overcoming those.  I am learning to be more comfortable with conflict, and stand my ground when I need to.  I am learning about my true nature. ..my authentic self… and learning to accept and embrace that without judgment.

All of that is a work in progress, with a long way to go. But, when I look back to who I was in my marriage, there is no question about how much I have grown.

So many people have commented on what a different person I am since my marriage ended. I am often told I seem so much happier, at peace, and seem to have more fun. It’s true…. I do, and I am!

I ran into a relative I haven’t seen in years recently.  She told me I always had a worn out and worried look on my face before.  But she commented now that I looked so relaxed and happy! It was so encouraging to hear that.

I do have a lot of self respect now. I have had to overcome a lot of obstacles in the past few years. I took responsibility for myself, my kids, and creating the best new life I could for us. I have made plenty of mistakes and stumbled a lot. But, I have done my best and given it all I could.

It’s up to me.

Dear Me


A blog I follow recently posted a challenge to other bloggers to write a letter to our 14 year old selves. Challenge accepted. ūüôā

Dear 14 year old Me,

You are a beautiful person.¬† You don’t need to cringe at that.¬† It’s okay to see your inner and outer beauty.¬† It’s not sinful or bad to do so. As a matter of fact, because you are so concerned about that, you will spend most of your youth trying to hide in the shadows and make yourself smaller. Oh Lisa, please don’t do that.¬† By doing so, you lose yourself and so many gifts that you have to offer others remain hidden too. You are going to have three amazing children and they are happiest when they see you shine. That will teach them how to shine too. They need to know how to do that in a healthy way.

The most important thing I want you to know is this:




Don’t argue that point. I know you are running through all the inadequacies you see in yourself in your mind right now.¬† Stop.

You are enough. Just as you are. Period.

You don’t have to be perfect.¬† You will make plenty of mistakes and that’s okay.¬† It is more than okay.¬† Because,¬† if you choose to,¬† you will allow those mistakes to teach you some of the most valuable life lessons you need.

Some people in your life will give you messages that you are not enough. It will be communicated to you that if you could just change who you are, someone else could be happier.¬† Please don’t buy into those lies. You are enough. Just as you are. If someone doesn’t see that, that’s on them.

Surround yourself with people who see your worth.  Surround yourself with people who are wanting to learn and grow and have compassion for others.

Don’t get so hung up on all the “rules” of life. Don’t worry so much about what other people think about you. Please be as compassionate and accepting of yourself as you are of others. Allow other people’s opinions to belong to them and not affect your inner peace.¬† It’s okay to have your own opinion.¬† Stand your ground on what really,¬† truly matters to you. Especially with those closest to you.¬† Your values and your opinion are just as valid as anyone else.

You will need to stand up for your children.  You are going to need to be strong. You need to know now that you DO have the strength you will need. You can do it.

Trust your intuition, Lisa.¬† You have a very trustworthy intuition.¬† You will second guess yourself, but please don’t.¬† It will steer you in the direction of a career you will love and it will bring you to people who will bless your life tremendously.

Trust yourself.

Lastly, have fun! The things you worry about hardly ever happen.¬† And, even when they do, it’s always okay. You are resourceful and resilient and you always find a way. So, relax. Enjoy life! Don’t stop singing and don’t stop writing.

Life is good and beautiful and full of adventure.¬† Please don’t lose sight of that on the difficult days.

Keep your heart soft. That’s who you are. You will always be soft, and kind hearted. Embrace who you are and love yourself without judgment the way you love others.¬† Life is so much better when you do that.

Start each day with gratitude for all your blessings.

There will always be good in your life and you will be happier when you remember to see that.

You are going to have a great life if you choose to see it that way.

The Older Me