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Great Things

I have noticed that the happier I am ,  the less I blog…or write in general. Writing has always been therapeutic for me. It is a way I process my thoughts and emotions and make sense of them. When I am content and happy, there is not as much to process.

I was thinking about the above quote. I have always had an optimistic nature. I am thankful for that! Even in the darkest times during my ex-husband’s affair when he was trying to manipulate me into taking the blame for his actions, and during the separation when the house got foreclosed on and I didn’t know how I would make it sometimes ,  I held on to a firm belief that I would be okay . 

Somewhere deep down inside me I have always carried a spark of hope and a belief in good things coming. I know that is in large part due to being raised in a loving, secure home. I am so thankful for that! I It is also because of my faith. I was taught to believe in God from the youngest age. But, more than that….I remember having no trouble believing there was a God who loved me from the earliest age. I remember having conversations with God as I lay in bed at night and as I played on the farm as a young girl. I always felt His love for me, like a warm blanket that was always there when I needed comfort . 

Thankfully , these foundational parts of my life have created a deep and firm belief that good things are always coming and will happen. 

And they do!

And they will continue .  I know that. 

Right now, I have experienced answered prayer and blessings . … in my relationships, my finances, and my family. I am feeling incredibly grateful for a man who loves me so unconditionally , kids that are healing and growing, a family that celebrates and loves together , a tribe of amazing friends who always have my back, and having more than enough.

Thank you God.


What Matters Most

This is the waterfall my kids and I hiked to yesterday.  It was about a 6 km hike. We also spent 3 hours in the car and a few more hours walking around, getting ice cream and visiting the sites.

It was a great day. 

I found myself reflecting often throughout the day on how much longer it will be possible to spend time like this with them. They are now 25, 22, and 20. Their lives are and will continue to move forward. 

They were talking a lot about experiences they have had. Some of these experiences I knew about, and some I did not. I am so glad they feel close enough to me to be so honest.

But, being a mom, I found myself worrying.  

And thankfully, at some point, I realized I was missing out on enjoying the precious moments with them. I was either worrying about how long it will be before we can’t do this anymore, or worrying about what has already happened.  Being focused on the future and the past was preventing me from enjoying the present moment .

I don’t like what my kids have been through.  I don’t like some of the experiences they have had. I worry about their futures. Yet, all of this is outside my control.

We had as close to a perfect day as was possible yesterday.  The weather was perfect.  Everyone was getting along and enjoying each other’s company. We are all healthy and able to do a beautiful hike together.  We live close to some of the most beautiful places in the world.  My kids express love, appreciation, and thanks to me often. And they definitely did yesterday.

That is what matters most. The blessings of the present moment. I am grateful.