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Honouring My Story

When I read the above quote, I felt so full of gratitude.  First, to God, whose love and guidance I always felt ….even in my darkest days. Secondly, to myself…to the strong and resilient woman within that I didn’t even know existed before. And also to my support system of family and friends who stood by me and saw me through so many challenges. 

I do honour my story. Not because it was good….it wasn’t.  But, because it is a story of faith, and strength, and hope. I know life will always be full of challenges,  but I also know so much more now about my ability to handle them, and to trust God.

I am feeling so incredibly blessed and grateful right now. My painful journey has brought me to a place of peace with my life and excitement for my future.


I’m ready


I feel a shift happening.

I am shifting from sadness into an openness. …a readiness for the new.

I really have done a lot of work on myself. I have done my best to honestly examine myself and work on making positive,  healthy changes.

I know there is always ongoing work to do, and I am good with that.

But, at this time, I know abundant blessings are available to me and coming my way.  I have already been blessed so much. And there is more to come.

I am open.

I am ready.

It’s time. šŸ™‚