Listen to Your Heart

I am learning more and more about how true this is. Although it is true that feelings can be misleading,  I believe that is different than listening to my heart. Maybe it’s the wisdom of life experiences and learning some things the hard way, but I now know I have a very accurate inner guidance system.I believe this is divine guidance, and I am so thankful for it.

When I am being true to myself, loving to myself, and compassionate with myself, I seem to more easily sense when something is not right for me. Even if it’s something I might want, or have some feelings about, if I truly listen to my heart, I will feel a “check” in my spirit that tells me to be cautious. For me, this is what “listening to my heart” means. Sometimes listening to my heart goes against my feelings.  Listening to my heart means listening to the divine guidance I pray for every day and trusting that I am being lead in the direction that is for my highest good. 

Right now, my life feels so peaceful and good…because I am listening to my heart and being true to myself.  There are challenges, as there always are in life. But, those challenges feel manageable because I feel I am living the life I am meant to live. I am trusting that I will continue to be guided. 

It feels so good to honor myself, my gifts, my calling, and the desires of my heart. As I am doing so….pieces of the puzzle are coming together. And the picture they are forming is so beautiful to me.


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