Just as I am 

I seem to be finding such a peace in accepting and loving myself just as I am.  What a journey it has been!  I cringe when I think of how I used to talk to myself. I now have a better understanding of my nature and my gifts. The challenges that I experience in who I am are so much easier to work with now. I think that’s the key. I am now working WITH rather than AGAINST myself.  When I was so hard on myself in the past, I was in a state of resistance,  fighting my very nature and wishing I could be someone different.  Now….I choose to love all of me and see that who I am brings needed gifts to this world. The times when my nature creates challenges for me and my relationships can be approached with self compassion.  I can take responsibility for mistakes and make amends and move forward.  I am still working on this….but I’ve definitely made progress! I am feeling very grateful for this!


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