Creating A Shift


I knew yesterday that what I needed to do was to work on shifting my emotional state. I know from experience that it’s not easy. But, I also know from experience that it is possible.

The circumstances that were contributing to my discouragement were outside my control. My feelings about all of that are valid. I gave myself time to feel all of that. I didn’t judge my feelings or push them aside. But, I also knew I didn’t want to get stuck there. I needed healthy outlets for those feelings.  I needed to process them to be able to create the shift.

The first way for me to do that is writing.  I did that here. Then, I talked it out with a good friend at work. I was still struggling with discouragement at lunch time. So, I went for a good long walk in the sunshine and listened to music that lifts my spirits. I also listened to an audio session in a course for personal growth that I am taking. I did some journaling after that to remind myself of my spiritual focus.

It helped that some good news came in the afternoon at work.  I made sure to connect with all three of my kids in the evening.  I made the choice to focus on what I find uplifting on facebook and ignore the rest. I posted some funny and uplifting posts.

By the end of the day, I felt like myself again. I felt grounded, strong, and hopeful. I started the day with gratitude and prayer today, and I am feeling at peace.

It is so encouraging to know I can take control of how I respond to the circumstances that are outside my control.  I am grateful.


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