Quiet Rebel


I have been on an interesting journey of getting to really, truly know myself.  I’ve tried to do that all my life, but in the past, my journey of self discovery was always accompanied by self judgement.  Now, I am doing my best to learn who I am from a place of acceptance,  curiosity, and self compassion.  What a difference that makes!

When I came across this quote, I smiled and recognized myself immediately.  I am often quiet. I am in the background. …listening, observing, thinking, processing.  Many times, people interpret this as compliance or agreement.  Sometimes that may be accurate. But, many times, I am finding the words I need or drawing on that strength within me to take a stand.

And when I do…I am solid in it. I do not like to be told what to do or what to think or what to feel.  But, I also need time to check in with myself to know for sure what I do want to do, what I do think and what I do feel. I have noticed that my strongest relationships are with people in my life who have understood this about me and have the patience and wisdom to respect what I need.

With people who don’t get it…I will be polite, and then go my own way. I surprise people with my resolve when I do this. I do it in my quiet, respectful way. But, I do it with certainty.

I am embracing who I am and understanding myself is giving me much peace.


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