No more fear


I have been doing some pretty intense work on my inner world. I have been realizing how much fear has been playing a role in much of my decision making.  I thought I had already done a lot of work in this area, but apparently there is lots more to do!

I am being intentional about checking in with myself on a regular basis and noticing when I have a fear response.  Sometimes it is very clear, but most times it is very subtle.  And I can rationalize it behind all kinds of reasons that sound perfectly logical.  But, in reality, I am choosing fear and letting fear rule.

I don’t want to do that. I want to choose, act, live, love, be…. from a place of courage, openness, vulnerability, authenticity, LOVE.

It’s not easy. But, I am checking in with myself throughout each day….trying to catch myself responding to something in my life from fear….and shifting to a place of openness instead.

It’s a process. But, as I keep working on this, I feel lighter and more at peace.

I am open to the good in my life now and the good that is coming.


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