Soft and Strong


My dear friend recently shared this quote with me and told me it reminded her of me. I  didn’t have a chance to process this at the time. But, now that I have,  I am stunned by that quote.

The reason I went back to read it again, is because I have been struggling with this part of my nature. I do have a nature that is like water. I am fluid, flowing, soft, and yielding.  I am always drawn to water. It is who I am.

This part of my nature has some strengths. I can adapt and go with the flow in almost any situation. I nurture and strengthen those who come to me. I can provide a refreshing place to rest from life’s troubles. I am often peaceful,  calm, and relaxed. It is my nature….always has been from the earliest memories I have.

Along with those positive aspects to my nature, there are challenges to who I am.  I need time to think and process. I need to have space and time in order for that to happen. I have to make sure there is enough flowing in to my stream to keep my resources abundant.  I sometimes too easily go with the flow before I give myself time to determine how I truly feel. I can be too adaptable, flowing over and around obstacles in order to provide nurturance to others. And then I don’t realize the flow is becoming a trickle…and I am drying up….until it is already happening.

But, I forgot the strength of water. I forgot about this until my wise and loving friend reminded me. Water…as soft and fluid as it is….wears away the hardest, most rigid rocks. It creates soft and smooth surfaces where there once was sharp edges. When water has a strong source, it is unstoppable. It is strong and powerful and has the potential to create tremendous change.

I am so blessed to be tapped into tremendous resources.  I have faith, spirituality,  friends, family, knowledge and experience.  I have the ability to create a powerful flow that can be unstoppable and create positive change.

Yes, I am soft, flowing, adaptable, and nurturing. But, just ask anyone who knows me well what happens when I make up my mind about something.  Heaven and earth can’t move me when I believe in my decision. 

Yes, I am also strong. I am not weak. My softness is my strength. Thank you my amazing friend for blessing me with that insight.


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