Writing my Story


I have been working on writing the story of my marriage.  Even though it has been six years since I left him, I still think this is part of my healing journey.  Those 23 years that I was with him hugely impacted me on every level. And my kids are still sorting through the rubble of the damage they experienced. 

For some reason, though, my story just keeps getting saved in my drafts. I am finding it hard to publish. And that is with glossing over the worst of it. This quick summarization of 23 years is missing so much of the intensity that I lived with every day.

Am I still afraid of him? Yes, I suppose I am. And, it’s such a vulnerable thing to put the ugly parts of your life on display. I invested a lot all those years in presenting a good image to the world that we were a happy family.

For now, I will keep writing since that’s good for me. And maybe I will be brave enough to publish it.


7 thoughts on “Writing my Story

  1. I’m sensing that writing is so very good for your soul … and … I deeply acknowledge the courage it takes to transparently record some of the most guarded parts of your experience. I’m holding space for both your ‘caution’ and your ‘daring greatly’ as you sort through all the layers of your story …. 💚

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