I am Worth It ALL


When my marriage was falling apart, I met some friends through an online support group who became a lifeline for me during that time.  One of these friends gave me an assignment.  He told me to start every day by looking in the mirror, looking into my own eyes, and saying “You are worth it!”

My friend knew that I was feeling replaced, abandoned,  and tossed aside.

At first, I  couldn’t even look into my own eyes, let alone say those words. But, I knew my friend was right, in that I needed to overcome this feeling of unworthiness in order to get through the end of my marriage.

I stuck with it. Every day, I  spoke those words. The timid and quiet words eventually became stronger and louder. As time went on, I could look in my eyes and hold my gaze while I said it.

One day, I believed it! I said it with conviction!  I knew that it was true. I  began to say it with passion and purpose.

I began to live this truth in my life. I made very difficult decisions to take my kids and leave my home, settling us in another city and eventually filing for divorce and starting over again. I am still rebuilding my life 5 years later, but I now know I am worth it.

I no longer need to tell myself that I am worth it every day. It is something I now believe at my core.

But, I am aware that I still have a tendency to allow my sense of self worth be affected by perceived rejection.  When this happens, I need to remind myself of this truth that I already know.

The great thing that I realized lately is that my sense of worth has expanded. I am worth it ALL. I am worth being loved, accepted, and committed to. But, I am also worth other good things coming my way….abundance of health, prosperity,  and well being in all things.

I am worth it ALL.


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