It’s Gonna Be Alright


I always have a soundtrack playing in the background of my mind and my life.

Yesterday, the music shifted. The soundtrack changed stations. A sadness shifted to relief, then optimism.  It was the realization. …once again. …of knowing I deserve more. It was that awakening. …once again….of my true worth.

I  wonder how many times I will cycle through the questioning of that, the sadness, the struggle with self worth….back around to that awakening?

I  wonder why it seems to often take a negative experience with someone….that could be interpreted as a form of rejection. …for that awakening to happen?

I  wonder if I will be able to get to that awakening without those painful experiences? Or sustain that sense of remembering that I AM ENOUGH without that?

I wonder.

But, for now….I am glad I got back there again. I feel a renewed sense of expectation for good things in my future. I  feel a renewed sense of certainty that I deserve good things.

I am grateful for the painful lessons that brought me back to this place.


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