Love too much


Sometimes I get frustrated with myself for this.  There are times when I feel like it would be safer to be more cautious with my love.

But….I don’t work that way. When I love, it is with all of me, and completely.  Even when I don’t want to. It’s just the way my heart works.

It is the deepest desire of my heart….to love and be loved.  All of my life, it is what I have searched for.

I recall realizing a few years into marriage that I was not loved as fiercely and deeply as I loved him. Since then, I have searched, had glimmers of hope and potential. …but it has yet to be returned.

I am not giving up on that dream. It is what makes me most happy. I am happy, but happy with something missing. And I don’t regret loving so much. I loved with all of me, for the times that were there and gone. Good came of my love. I know that, and I am glad for that.

So I am not going to stop loving deeply. I am not going to put limits on my heart. Yes, I am going to do my best to be smart about it.  But, I am not giving up. 

In the meantime,  my kids, friends, family, and myself are going to get the overflow. .. all the love inside that needs somewhere to go!

Love is what it is all about.

I still have my dream šŸ™‚


2 thoughts on “Love too much

  1. There is someone that loves you fiercely and deeply! In fact, He loves you so much more fiercely and deeply than anyone in the world ever could! Even more than the way you love others. You love others this way because it is what you are called to do by God. He first loved us this way so that we could show His love to the world. Very few humans experience the ability to give this kind of love. It is only if they are truly seeking after God’s heart that this love pours out from them. If you seek God with all of your heart, nothing will be missing. You will receive this abundant love you so desire! And in seeking God’s heart, if you find a man doing the same, seeking with his whole heart, together you will find completeness in God. This is my dream ad my reality. God is my true love and He is my complete joy.

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  2. I do know this, and believe this Tricia. But, I also know that I was created for relationship. I know that with certainty. As much as I love God, and am loved by Him, I know that His perfect will for me has yet to be fulfilled. That is what is missing. But, because I know it is His will, I also know it will happen in His timing.


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