Go Through It


Okay, I know the truth of this. But, it still is something I try to avoid and run away from.

I am reminding myself that pain serves a purpose.  There is something to be learned. There is growth that we would not experience without the pain.

Thank you to my dear friend who spent many hours with me yesterday,  allowing me a safe and loving place to go straight through some pain headlong.  Because of her friendship, I could stay with it long enough to feel it and process it.  That helps me to get to the other side of it where healing is available for me.

I know I am learning a lot right now, and I know there is so much growth happening for me. I know the pain is a necessary part of that.

By talking about and writing about it, I can move through it and not get stuck. I can feel that happening now.

Thank you, my friend.  ❤


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