We are not Meant to Stay Wounded


I love this.

I think we are conditioned by the society we live in to avoid pain. So, we engage in all kinds of unhealthy behaviors to run away from or escape emotional pain.

But, ironically, when we do end up experiencing a crisis or a tragedy, we can get stuck in our woundedness. It becomes a new comfort zone. Sometimes it becomes our story. We might have a victim story, and it soothes our ego to get some compassion from others. Sometimes our wounds become a convenient shield to prevent anyone from getting too close. We don’t have to be too vulnerable or take too many risks if we are stuck in our victim story.

That’s part of the reason I took some time to start this blog. I didn’t want it to be a victim story. I  didn’t want it to contribute to keeping me stuck in any way. I wanted to be sure my intentions were in a healthy place in terms of my purpose.

I want to share a story of healing, of overcoming,  of victory.  I hope that is what I accomplish.

It definitely has been true for me that choosing to move through the pain, to face and deal with it, has brought amazing gifts into my life. It has created an ability to connect to other’s hearts and increase my capacity for compassion.  It has taught me life lessons and wisdom that has enriched my life and enabled me to share with others.

I am so grateful for these gifts.


4 thoughts on “We are not Meant to Stay Wounded

  1. Lisa, I have always admired your strength and courage to ‘move through’ … in fact, sometimes, to move at all ….throughout some of the painful circumstances that have found you. When I used to comment on that, you would often seemed somewhat surprised, as though it is what everyone does. It’s what we most HOPE to do … move through … but there is a great chasm between knowing and doing and you bridge that with incredible grace that was and still is inspiring. Being a close witness to your journey, I Joy-Fully celebrate with you the fruits of that labor!! You are a renewed woman, full of life and lessons and Love, and healing. Love so much that you’re sharing!!

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    • Ar, you made me cry 😊 ….you are right…I was genuinely surprised when you made those comments. Thank you so much for your beautiful, affirming words. That means so much to me. And thank you even more for walking with me through the hardest times. ❤


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