Dear Me


A blog I follow recently posted a challenge to other bloggers to write a letter to our 14 year old selves. Challenge accepted. 🙂

Dear 14 year old Me,

You are a beautiful person.  You don’t need to cringe at that.  It’s okay to see your inner and outer beauty.  It’s not sinful or bad to do so. As a matter of fact, because you are so concerned about that, you will spend most of your youth trying to hide in the shadows and make yourself smaller. Oh Lisa, please don’t do that.  By doing so, you lose yourself and so many gifts that you have to offer others remain hidden too. You are going to have three amazing children and they are happiest when they see you shine. That will teach them how to shine too. They need to know how to do that in a healthy way.

The most important thing I want you to know is this:




Don’t argue that point. I know you are running through all the inadequacies you see in yourself in your mind right now.  Stop.

You are enough. Just as you are. Period.

You don’t have to be perfect.  You will make plenty of mistakes and that’s okay.  It is more than okay.  Because,  if you choose to,  you will allow those mistakes to teach you some of the most valuable life lessons you need.

Some people in your life will give you messages that you are not enough. It will be communicated to you that if you could just change who you are, someone else could be happier.  Please don’t buy into those lies. You are enough. Just as you are. If someone doesn’t see that, that’s on them.

Surround yourself with people who see your worth.  Surround yourself with people who are wanting to learn and grow and have compassion for others.

Don’t get so hung up on all the “rules” of life. Don’t worry so much about what other people think about you. Please be as compassionate and accepting of yourself as you are of others. Allow other people’s opinions to belong to them and not affect your inner peace.  It’s okay to have your own opinion.  Stand your ground on what really,  truly matters to you. Especially with those closest to you.  Your values and your opinion are just as valid as anyone else.

You will need to stand up for your children.  You are going to need to be strong. You need to know now that you DO have the strength you will need. You can do it.

Trust your intuition, Lisa.  You have a very trustworthy intuition.  You will second guess yourself, but please don’t.  It will steer you in the direction of a career you will love and it will bring you to people who will bless your life tremendously.

Trust yourself.

Lastly, have fun! The things you worry about hardly ever happen.  And, even when they do, it’s always okay. You are resourceful and resilient and you always find a way. So, relax. Enjoy life! Don’t stop singing and don’t stop writing.

Life is good and beautiful and full of adventure.  Please don’t lose sight of that on the difficult days.

Keep your heart soft. That’s who you are. You will always be soft, and kind hearted. Embrace who you are and love yourself without judgment the way you love others.  Life is so much better when you do that.

Start each day with gratitude for all your blessings.

There will always be good in your life and you will be happier when you remember to see that.

You are going to have a great life if you choose to see it that way.

The Older Me


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