Hmmmm…. can I live in Tuscany too?


Under the Tuscan Sun is another of my favorite movies, and another one that affected me deeply before I ever imagined that I might one day be divorced.  I was so moved by the courage of the main character.  I have watched it a few times in recent years and it is now even more meaningful to me.  It is a funny, touching, and inspiring example of how someone can bounce back from an experience like an unexpected divorce, and find joy in creating a new life.

One of the things I love about this movie, is that there is an honest expression of the initial shock and pain that comes in the wake of the revelation that your marriage is over.  The initial beating oneself up, questioning, agonizing over the hows and whys is portrayed very well by Diane Lane’s character.  Then, there is the pushing and nudging from friends to move on with life, and the first steps to get brave and do so.  Although this character takes a much bolder step than most of us would, it highlights the terrifying and empowering feeling of stepping out to create a new life.

Here is one of my favorite scenes and moments from the movie:

Sometimes you have to let the ladybugs come to you by living your life with purpose and joy.  Sometimes you need to build the train tracks before there are any trains to travel on them so the way has been made ready.

Because when the train is ready to come, and it will be… the tracks will be solid and strong and it just might be the ride of your life!


2 thoughts on “Hmmmm…. can I live in Tuscany too?

  1. A favourite movie of mine. Such courage, hope, despair, friendship and love throughout all the relationships. It shows the myriad of emotions that come from endings and beginnings.

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